Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How much is a Goldendoodle?

Many people that are looking to buy a goldendoodle want to know how much is a goldendoodle? or how much does a goldendoodle cost

Goldendoodles can range in price from $300 - $3500 and if you are luck you may even find a goldendoodle for free!

The best place to look for a goldendoodle is your local pound, if there are none available look for a responsible breeder. I have been in the goldendoodle community for a very long time and I feel that Sherry from Swissridge goldendoodles is one of the best goldendoodle breeders out there!

What is the difference between an expensive goldendoodle and a cheap goldendoodle?

The difference in price comes with the quality of the breeder and the care taken in breeding. Cheap goldendoodles can usually be found on kijiji or other classified websites and typicaly do not come with any guarantees or care. These cheap goldendoodles may have been bred by accident or the breeder may produce a lot of puppies so they sell them cheap so they can get rid of them.

The more expensive goldendoodles usualy are more expensive because it costs more to make a puppy. This is because the breeder will run many tests on all of the parents, they will check for any health problems in the parents and not breed if the parents are not healthy (helping you get a healthy puppy)

The puppies should come with a health guarantee, vaccinated and de-wormed and microchipped.

If you are going to buy a goldendoodle from a breeder than do a lot of research into the breeder before you buy, this way you will not support puppy mills or bad breeders.

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